“Thank you for contacting my office. In order to help resolve your case, certain state departments require a release form from constituents that allow personal information to be shared and discussed with legislative offices such as mine. For your convenience, we have placed these forms here on our webpage for you to download, along with other helpful resources. My office will instruct you on which forms are needed for your specific situation. I look forward to helping resolve your issue and if you have any questions, please never hesitate to ask. I am here to serve.”

– Sincerely, Rep. Brad Paquette

Constituent Release Forms

State of Michigan Privacy Release Form
The State of Michigan Privacy Policy and HIPAA Privacy Regulations may prevent a state agency from releasing personal information without receiving express written permission from the individual. Before my office can proceed in helping resolve your case, this form will have to be filled out. If the issue involves the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and the disclosure of medical records, the additional MDHHS Release Form below will also need to be completed.

MDHHS Release Form
If your issue involves the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and the disclosure of medical records, this MDHHS Release Form will need to be completed before my office can proceed in helping to resolve your case.

Unemployment Insurance CRT Form
If you contact me for assistance regarding unemployment insurance, you will need to fill out this CRT From. This allows us to work directly with the Department of Talent and Economic Development to resolve your issue.

Publications for Children and Students

Child Safety Coloring Book
This booklet teaches children safety measures in a fun interactive way. It addresses bullying, cyberbullying, how to use the internet safely, how to prepare a Family Emergency Plan and Kit, safety tips for dealing with drugs and violence, staying home alone safely, dialing 911, fire safety and gun safety. Parents are encouraged to participate in the activities within the booklet with their child.

Getting to Know Michigan
Coloring book for children. Information on Michigan’s history timeline. It is suitable for grades 3-5.

Michigan in the American Civil War
Contains historical information and photographs on Michigan’s contribution to the American Civil War. Appropriate for middle school students to adults.

Michigan Recycles! Coloring and Activity Book
Michigan elementary school students learn how to keep Michigan beautiful with the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Movin’ On: Rights and Responsibilities of Young Adults
Information for young adults graduating from high school: establishing credit, seeking a higher education, voting, renting, searching for a job, and planning a career.

Portraits of Michigan
Contains maps, pictures, puzzles, quizzes and multiple-choice questions regarding Michigania for junior/senior high school students.

Student’s Guide
Explains the legislative process and responsibilities of the legislature. Perfect for middle school students. Contains classroom exercises.

Publications for Michigan’s Seniors and Veterans

Changes and Choices
Highlights senior legal issues pertaining to disability and consent, age discrimination, tax benefits, pension rights, consumer protection, legal resources, wills, estate planning, and Medicare/Medicaid eligibility.

Peace of Mind
Information on creating wills and indicating medical care preferences. Forms for organ donation, the Michigan Statutory Will, Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, and personal records.

Services for Seniors
Describes state programs and services pertaining to tax credits, Medicare and Medicaid, nursing homes and long-term care options, consumer protection, housing, transportation, employment and senior discounts.

Veterans Benefits and Services
Explains how to obtain veterans benefits and services from federal, state and local agencies. Subjects range from acquiring a home mortgage, education, employment, insurance for medical treatment, and death benefits.

Legislature and Government

Citizen’s Guide to State Government
Provides information about the State Legislature. Includes photos and contact information for your legislator. Additionally, this book explains the legislative process and has a “find your legislator” index.

For the People – By the People
Describes legislative, executive, and judicial branches of state government and functions of county, city, township, and village entities of local government.

Michigan Constitution 
Text of the Constitution of the State of Michigan of 1963 with amendments.

Michigan Open Meetings Act & Freedom of Information Act 
The FOIA establishes procedures to ensure every citizen’s right of access to government documents. The OMA protects a citizen’s right to know what’s going on in government by opening to full public view the processes by which elected and nonelected officials make decisions on your behalf. (Note: Booklet discontinued, available online only)

Michigan State Capitol, A Self-Guided Tour 
Contains photos, information and artwork highlighting Michigan’s Capitol building and its history.

United States Constitution
Contains the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.


2019 Taxpayer’s Guide
Reference for the 2018 Tax Year

Ask Yourself – A Domestic & Sexual Violence Prevention & Resource Guide
This is a conveniently-sized prevention and resource guide on Domestic and Sexual Violence. Topics covered include stalking, teen dating violence, domestic and sexual violence, cyber-stalking, sexting, and sexual bullying. The booklet contains multiple self-checklists and local, state and federal domestic and sexual violence programs available in your area.

Consumer Protection Resource Guide 
Information on consumer rights and Michigan law, how to protect yourself from consumer fraud, and how to take legal action.

Crime Victim’s Rights Act and Constitutional Amendment
Explains the rights of crime victims and lists services and local victim assistance advocates throughout the state. Contains the text of William VanRegenmorter Crime Victim’s Rights Act.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse: A Parent/Child Guide to Michigan Law 
A parent and child guide with answers to commonly asked questions about peer pressure and drug or alcohol abuse. Explains criminal penalties in Michigan law and gives guidelines for parents and teens hosting or attending a party. For all ages. (Note: Booklet discontinued, available online only)

Friend of the Court
A guide to custody, parenting time and support. Describes the procedures and duties of FOC offices.

Michigan Natural Resources and Environment 
This publication was prepared to provide general information concerning management of Michigan’s abundant land and water resources and the state’s efforts to protect and preserve natural resources. (Note: Booklet discontinued, available online only)

Tenants and Landlords Guide 
Informs Landlords and Tenants about their rights and responsibilities including information on rental housing law, the eviction process, and security deposits. Sample forms included.

Your Child: A Parent’s Guide to Health & Safety
Information on selecting a day care provider, selecting the proper safety seat, reporting child abuse, a chart for recording immunizations and other medical information, and a regional sampling of child care rates.