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Rep. Markkanen plan allows vets to consult on use of CBD, marijuana products for pets
RELEASE|January 15, 2020

Marquette veterinarian testifies in support of legislation

State Rep. Greg Markkanen and Dr. Kellie Holmstrom, joining via video conference from her animal clinic in Marquette, testify before the House Agriculture Committee in support of Markkanen’s legislation to allow veterinarians to consult with pet owners on the use of CBD oil and marijuana products.

State Rep. Greg Markkanen today testified before the House Agriculture Committee in support of a plan he introduced to solve a problem brought to light by an Upper Peninsula veterinarian.

Markkanen, of Houghton, said Dr. Kellie Holmstrom has run into problems because clients have questions about the use of products containing CBD oil and THC for their pets, but offering advice about the products is a legal grey area for veterinarians. Markkanen’s solution, House Bill 5085, would update state law to make it clear that a veterinarian can consult with the owner of their patient on the use of marihuana or CBD oil for the animal.

“There’s more and more research on the uses of CBD oil and marijuana products for patient care and pain control – in humans as well as pets,” Markkanen said. “We must make sure our veterinarians are able to have open and honest conversations about the products, so Michigan pet owners can make well-informed decisions about what is best for their animals.”

Dr. Holmstrom, who operates an animal clinic in Marquette, told the committee CBD oil and marijuana products would be a poor choice for some pets and would likely help bring relief to others.

“As veterinarians, we’re just asking to join the table and the discussion. Right now, we are not legally able to do that,” Holmstrom said during her testimony. “I think we all have the same goal – we want to have happy, healthy pets. That’s why I asked Rep. Markkanen to bring this bill forward so that we can clarify the situation with veterinarians in regard to these products.”

House Bill 5085 remains under consideration by the committee.


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