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Leader Hall: It take 55 votes to pass a bill
RELEASE|January 17, 2024
Contact: Matt Hall

House Republican Leader Matt Hall, R-Richland Township, on Wednesday issued the following statement after House Democrats rushed a vote on an amended bill, which failed without Republican support in the chamber that is newly evenly split between 54 Republicans and 54 Democrats:

“Mr. Speaker, it takes 55 votes to pass a bill.

“Rejecting bipartisan conversations, rushing amendments, and holding votes before even asking Republicans if they support the final bill — these are not the recipe for getting the people’s work done.

“As Republicans and Democrats represent the people of Michigan and share power in the House of Representatives, we have a unique opportunity to collaborate and tackle the huge challenges facing our state. We should strategize on how to grow our economy, permanently fund road repairs, and help ensure kids are learning to read. But Democrats clearly aren’t interested in having conversations about how to share power or what major policy goals we can pursue together.”

House Democrats held a vote Wednesday on an amended bill that failed 52-52. The amendment was given to Republicans only hours before the vote.

Democrats on Wednesday also referred Hall’s House Resolution 171 to the unproductive Government Operations Committee, which would require the House of Representatives to approve a power-sharing agreement anytime the House has an equal number of Democrats and Republicans at any time during the 102nd Legislature. Democrats did not allow Hall to formally introduce the resolution before they ended the legislative session last November — the earliest adjournment in 55 years. The resolution was formally read into session last week, but Democrats did not take any action on the resolution or allow Hall to speak to his proposal.

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