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Slagh stands up for residents being unfairly charged by Secretary of State
RELEASE|May 13, 2021
Contact: Bradley Slagh

State Rep. Brad Slagh, of Zeeland, today introduced a bill, which received bipartisan cosponsorship, to improve the process of renewing a driver’s license or vehicle registration in the state of Michigan while preventing unfair fees.

“The Secretary of State’s online appointment system is anything but service oriented,” Slagh said. “Most people have to wait weeks, if not months, for an appointment at a SOS branch.”

Although the Department indicates there are same day appointments available, many users have reported the system crashes when those appointments become available.

“I’ve spoken to several West Michigan residents who have been charged a late fee for renewing their driver’s license or registration after its expiration, even though they made their appointment before the expiration, and took the first available opening,” Slagh said. “We have attempted to work with the SOS to have those late fees refunded, only to be told that the department has no statutory authority to provide such a refund.”

Slagh’s bill will remedy this issue by stipulating that the Secretary of State may not charge a late fee if the applicant registered for an in-person appointment before the expiration of their license or registration, and that license or registration has not been expired for more than 90 days. The plan would also allow the Secretary of State to provide a refund to those who have already been charged a late fee, so long as the afore mentioned criteria is met.

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