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Posthumus: Governor’s Green New Deal a non-starter for Michigan
RELEASE|September 14, 2023

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer called on the Michigan Legislature this month to immediately require a “carbon free” energy grid for Michigan; a new mandate that Republican Floor Leader Bryan Posthumus says will harm Michigan’s energy reliability and hurt families’ pocketbooks. 

Today, he is calling for a halt to those mandates until a more effective and realistic plan for Michigan’s energy grid is on the table.

“The governor says we cannot afford to wait when it comes to this radical takeover of our energy grid, but the reality is we cannot afford to pay for this plan,” Posthumus said.” Michigan families deserve an actual plan with affordable bills and reliable power. Under this plan, all they’ll get is higher rates and new blackouts.”

Also at risk, according to Posthumus, are the economic implications of forcing the state to comply with a fossil-free energy mandate.

“Fossil-free doesn’t just mean no oil or coal,” Posthumus said. “It also means no natural gas or even nuclear energy, which makes up the base of our current grid. So much of our agricultural operations and local businesses rely on these stable, affordable, and environmentally sustainable options. There is no reason to force our communities to spend a fortune reinventing the wheel. Many people will simply find it cheaper to move to another state. We cannot continue to leverage the future of Michigan to generate a good sound bite for environmentalist activists.”

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