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Reps. Kuhn, MacDonell: Communities need relief from interstate noise pollution
RELEASE|January 10, 2024
Contact: Tom Kuhn

State Reps. Tom Kuhn and Sharon MacDonell introduced a plan today to establish a sound barrier construction program along state highways. The legislation mirrors a similar plan introduced by State Sen. Michael Webber last fall.

“Noise pollution is growing right alongside the size of our interstates,” said Kuhn, R-Troy. “Our common-sense plan creates a process for local municipalities to seek state funding and secure peace and quiet for people living near busy roadways.” 

Kuhn and MacDonell’s plan would create a noise barrier fund in the state treasury to offer grants or loans to local authorities for noise barrier construction. Applicants seeking funding would undergo a review process where proposed projects would be scored based on criteria including project cost, residents affected, and existing noise at the site. 

“Rep. Kuhn, Sen. Webber, and myself have heard from a number of people in our community that just couldn’t stand the overpowering noise coming from I-75 in Troy,” said MacDonell, D-Troy. “Our plan gives communities across Michigan access to sound barriers and much-needed relief from noise pollution.”

The sound barrier program initiative follows $10 million in the state budget set aside to fund two sections of sound barriers in Troy. The proposed program would allow additional communities to apply for sound barrier funding without having to wait for the next state budget. Other states with similar initiatives have been successful in improving quality of life by lowering noise levels.

“I am proud to work with my House colleagues to jointly introduce this bill in both chambers,” said Webber, R-Rochester Hills. “Advocating for highway noise abatement needs to be a continued priority for our state.”


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