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Rep. Steele: OK2SAY bill abandoned
RELEASE|March 19, 2024
Contact: Donni Steele

State Rep. Donni Steele released a statement today regarding the House Education Committee’s failure to take up certain Republican school safety bills. Several House Republicans spoke out about the importance of passing school safety measures last month. No bills sponsored by representatives who spoke out received committee consideration.

“I feel like I’m still in high school being forced to play political games just so we can keep kids safe in school,” said Steele, R-Orion Township. “I’ve been an outspoken advocate for passing legislation that would secure school safety resources, improve and expand access to OK2SAY, and guarantee schools have quality crisis plans. Instead of working together on behalf of the people of Michigan, Democrats are embracing the ugliest part of politics. My bill would ensure kids can access expert help when they or a friend is facing a crisis. Yet, the legislation will likely die in committee so the Democrats can score some political points.”

Steele sponsored House Bill 4093, which requires OK2SAY program contact information to be labeled on all student ID cards. More than a dozen Democrats co-sponsored the bill when it was introduced.


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