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Rep. Roth: House must pass fertility fraud package, protect women
RELEASE|February 27, 2024
Contact: John Roth

State Rep. John Roth, R-Interlochen, released a statement Tuesday regarding his legislative package to protect women who receive fertility treatment. The plan would criminalize doctors who inseminate women with their own sperm during the fertility treatment process. The plan would also prohibit donors from falsely representing themselves.

“Somewhere in Michigan, a couple is struggling to conceive a child right now. They’ve spent weeks praying over pregnancy tests, tracking cycles, controlling their diets, and doing anything else that has any chance of bringing them a child. But nothing is working. The walls are starting to close in. These folks are struggling through an unimaginable sense of pain and hopelessness. Many turn to fertility doctors, who are supposed to be the saving grace – and most are. They guide these vulnerable people along the path to parenthood. But not all act as the guides they are meant to be.

“A Connecticut woman just recently discovered she had dated and slept with her half-brother. A local fertility doctor used his own sperm to father more than 23 children. He looked into the eyes of at least 23 women, women who likely trusted him, and chose to violate them. He stole their partners’ abilities to father their own children. He left more than 23 souls confused and hurt as they were forced to reckon with their biological makeup. Everything that evil Connecticut doctor did is legal under Michigan law right now.

“I want to make myself explicitly clear, Democrat leadership is the only thing stopping us from criminalizing these heinous acts. We have a moral obligation to protect women. We must ensure that no doctor can legally violate their patients. I know there are Democrats who agree with me on this. They could be speaking out. They could support these women. I want them to know their silence on this issue is deafening.”


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