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Rep. Posthumus votes to approve citizen-led petition to restrict governor’s abuse of emergency powers
RELEASE|July 21, 2021

State Rep. Bryan Posthumus today voted with a bipartisan majority of House legislators to repeal an unconstitutional law Gov. Gretchen Whitmer used to impose onerous restrictions on the people of Michigan during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The initiative repeals a 1945 law used by the governor to issue emergency orders without legislative approval in the early months of the pandemic. The Michigan Supreme Court previously ruled unanimously to certify the petition, telling the Board of Canvassers they have a clear legal duty to do so. 

“Our governor has used and abused her overreaching executive powers for far too long,” said Rep. Posthumus. “I’m proud of the Michiganders who took it upon themselves to form a grassroots effort to reign in her authority, an effort which has been validated by our own bipartisan Supreme Court and Michigan’s Secretary of State. Our vote today proves what an essential role a three-branch government plays in ensuring citizen’s rights are protected. I was proud to vote with my colleagues to certify the petition today, blocking the governor’s ability to continue her stretch of overreach.”

In October 2020, petition organizers submitted more than 460,000 valid signatures to repeal the 1945 law regarding executive powers for governors. The required number of signatures to validate a petition is approximately 340,000. 

With the petition now approved by both chambers of the Michigan Legislature, the governor cannot veto or otherwise block the petition.

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