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Rep. Meerman votes no on Democrats’ plan to weaken election procedures
RELEASE|June 26, 2024
Contact: Luke Meerman

Plan allows union endorsements to be placed on official petition signature forms, makes it easier for flawed petitions to be accepted

State Rep. Luke Meerman voted against a Democrat plan today that will further citizens’ mistrust in the state’s election procedures.

House Bills 5571-76 make extensive changes to the petition process used for certain elections in Michigan, including nomination petitions, ballot proposals, constitutional, and initiative petitions.

Some major changes within the bill package would:

  • Add ambiguity to our election laws surrounding petitions and signature verification
  • Makes it easier for petitions with flaws to be accepted, while making it harder to invalidate improper petitions or identify fraud
  • Weaken standards so that petitions no longer must fully comply with the law to be accepted, deviating from current policy
  • Allow union symbols to be included on petitions, potentially influencing petition signers
  • Make petition reforms that cater to special interests

“Give the democrats a gavel and they will pull out every stop to cater to their union friends and stakeholders,” Meerman said. “From union symbols and links to websites on petitions, it’s a bold way of informing the people who writes their laws and the Legislature should not further relinquish its lawmaking authority.”

Meerman also shared concerns that taking the certainty out of the elections process will cause legal issues as things are challenged in court, as the board will be forced to decide how to interpret issues like copy errors or typos that inadvertently affect petition language.

Earlier this year, canvassers expressed concerns that moving away from requiring strict compliance with petition rules for a candidate or proposal to appear on the ballot could make it more difficult to adjudicate petition disputes.

Despite objection from Meerman and other Republicans, the plan was approved and moves to be considered by the state Senate.


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