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Rep. Meerman celebrates Digital Learning Day, calls on governor to fund cyber students equitably
RELEASE|March 14, 2023
Contact: Luke Meerman

Legislator: Every student deserves an equal opportunity at success


State Rep. Luke Meerman (R-Coopersville) issued the following statement today regarding National Digital Learning Day and Gov. Whitmer’s proposal to cut funding for public charter cyber students throughout Michigan:


“Digital Learning Day is an important reminder of the significant role cyber schools play in the lives of students with unique needs. Students who have been bullied account for a significant number of those who are enrolled in our cyber schools. They deserve to feel safe, secure and at ease while they are in school, and cyber schools give them that ability. These institutions are also a great option for students with mental health hurdles, children with physical health limitations, and gifted young athletes with irregular schedules.

“But today is also an important opportunity to draw attention to the funding discrepancy our governor is proposing for these specialized institutions. Despite our state’s historic budget surplus, Gov. Whitmer wants to cut funding for cyber students by 20 percent. Every child in Michigan has a constitutional right to a quality education, and that means funding them equally, no matter how they learn or where they live.”


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