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Rep. Kuhn: Budget system is broken
RELEASE|February 8, 2024
Contact: Tom Kuhn

State Rep. Tom Kuhn, R-Troy, released a statement today following the governor’s executive budget recommendations. Kuhn serves as vice chair of the House Higher Education and Community Colleges Appropriations subcommittee.

“Today, the state continued to embrace a broken budgeting process that leaves the public confused and left behind. We participate in these meetings where leaders glaze over huge issues that sound nice on paper but make little sense when you dig into the details. Our budgeting process needs a complete overhaul so we can start focusing more on the details and less on fancy buzzwords.

“Last fall, I introduced a plan to overhaul the budgeting process and bring more transparency and accountability to state government. My plan would require budgeting to start sooner, giving lawmakers more time to really dig into the details and find common-sense solutions. Instead of considering the bills, Democrats threw them aside and left them to die in the historically unproductive Government Operations committee. This is unacceptable. We need our government to get out of its rut and stop being complacent with a broken process.”


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