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Rep. Carra: Mental health providers overburdened with administrative requirements
RELEASE|November 6, 2023
Contact: Steve Carra

Representative Steve Carra, R-Three Rivers, today released a statement addressing the rise in mental health care issues in his community. Constituents have outlined a situation where staff is hampered with increased state requirements, burnout, and high workloads.

“I came to Lansing to limit burdensome government requirements,” Carra said. “I can’t stand by idly while health system workers in our community are being pulled away from administering care to fulfill demanding state requirements.”

Cameron Bullock, Chief Executive Officer of Pivotal, reached out to Carra with a concern that his staff was spending an estimated 20-25% percent of work time on administrative requirements from the state.

“I’m simply asking for help to reduce the MDHHS administrative burden and allow my agency, and the 45 others in Michigan, to do what we do best; provide quality care to our clients,” Bullock wrote in a letter to Carra.

“Our communities are facing a mental health crisis,” Carra said. “The dedicated people in this field need to be able to put their effort toward properly caring for our friends and neighbors, not crunching numbers for Lansing. I’m committed to working with my colleagues and MDHHS to identify the reasoning behind these requirements.”


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