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Rep. Bryan Posthumus: Whitmer energy package is just a multi-billion-dollar campaign stunt at Michigan’s expense
RELEASE|November 28, 2023

State Representative and Republican Floor Leader Bryan Posthumus spoke out today after Governor Gretchen Whitmer officially signed a controversial energy package into law.

The house-and-senate-passed package includes a 2040 wind and solar energy mandate for Michigan’s utility providers and vehicle manufacturers.

Now a fully-fledged law, the governor’s energy plan must be implemented – a process Posthumus believes is unlikely to be successful. 

“If the way they passed this law is any indication of the way they will put it into action, I don’t think the people of Michigan should expect a clean energy future by 2040,” Posthumus said. “What they can expect, however, is a decade of Democratic infighting, power struggling, overspending by the state, increased energy costs, and kickback contracts being given out like breath mints to political allies. What the governor signed today is not a real plan for Michigan’s real energy issues. It is instead a very expensive and long-winded multi-billion-dollar campaign stunt for 2028 to appease the coastal elites in her party. She clearly wants to run, we all knew that. But now it’s clear she’s also willing to run away from what Michigan actually needs in the process.”

Of primary concern to Rep. Posthumus is the reliability and affordability of Michigan’s household energy providers.

“Our Democrat leadership thinks more government is always the solution to any problem,” Posthumus said. “But we simply cannot guarantee a reliable energy grid to the people of Michigan with only wind and solar at our disposal. It mathematically cannot happen. We can waste money on as many agencies and regulators as they want to stand up, but Isaac Newton wasn’t joking around when he made those three laws. If we don’t embrace natural gas and nuclear energy alongside wind and solar, we cannot in full confidence tell Michigan families their grid is stable or reliable. But there’s still time. 2040 is a long way off. Hopefully, we can make some changes, elevate better ideas and waste less of the people’s time on the governor’s presidential ambitions in 2024.”

Rep. Posthumus and his office can be reached at 925-725-9171 or [email protected].

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