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Rep. Bryan Posthumus: wasteful state budget sets Michigan on the wrong course
RELEASE|August 1, 2023

Rep. Bryan Posthumus spoke out today as Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed Democrats’ wasteful state budget into law.

“By signing this budget, Gov. Whitmer has put Michigan on the wrong path,” Posthumus said. “The $82 billion must come from somewhere, and Democrats will have to hike the income tax on all Michigan families and small businesses next year to pay for everything. Making our state a more expensive place to live and work does not help solve our population crisis and does not make it any easier for young professionals to find high-paying, high-skill jobs in our state. The economic decay that began during Whitmer’s pandemic lockdowns will only be accelerated by this massive budget and the tax hikes it demands. I am trying every day to make this a more affordable state to live in. Democrats clearly have a different vision for Michigan’s future.”

Rep. Posthumus’ raised five main concerns with Democrats’ wasteful budget:

  • The budget will require an income tax hike on Michigan families and small businesses to pay for itself. Posthumus secured an income tax cut for every Michigander and small business this spring, but the Democrats will need the new 4.05% income tax rate to go up again to 4.25% next year in order to balance their budget. The Democrat attorney general in March disregarded the clear language, history, and legislative intent of the law and declared that the tax cut should only last for one year, an assumption Democrats used to write their massive budget. The Democrats also leaned heavily on one-time federal dollars to craft this budget. Will they raise our taxes next year when those federal dollars are gone?
  • Democrats completely wiped out the rest of a $9 billion surplus built up under Republican leadership, wasting billions of dollars on new programs and pork projects for Democrat allies. In fact, Democrats spent more than $2 billion on earmarked pork projects alone. Examples of unnecessary pork projects include $5 million to the AFL-CIO, one of the Democrats’ powerful union allies; $3 million for minor league baseball stadiums; $9.8 million for seven pools and splash pads; almost $1 million for a cricket field; and $1 million to teach kids in Detroit to ride horses.
  • Democrats did not distribute a single extra dollar for local road repairs. Democrats only hand-picked a select few favored projects, primarily in major city — leaving roads in communities throughout Michigan in disrepair.
  • Democrats removed dedicated funding to place armed school resource officers at Michigan public schools. School resource officers help protect schools and build relationships with students in the process, fostering a welcoming, safe learning environment for kids.
  • Throughout the budget process, Democratic leadership did not adopt a single Republican amendment to the budget, including proposals to invest in local road repairs and help understaffed local police departments recruit officers.

Rep. Posthumus and his office can be reached at [email protected] or (517) 373-0830.

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