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Rep. Bryan Posthumus says Whitmer energy mandate a bad deal for taxpayers and local communities
RELEASE|August 30, 2023

State Rep. and Republican Floor Leader Bryan Posthumus today expressed concern about several proposals included in the governor’s “What’s Next” speech, including legislation mandating 100% carbon-free electricity production on a tight timeline, over concerns it may cause problems for local families.

This year, House Democrats introduced House Bills 4759-4761, which would require Michigan electric companies to use entirely carbon-free power sources by 2035.

“All that new electricity has to come from somewhere,” Posthumus said. “Today, many communities like mine literally run on natural gas and propane. She wants that gone even though it’s clean and cheap, but costly to convert. When energy costs skyrocket and reliability plummets, the economy fails. We cannot let that happen so the governor can appease environmentalists and coastal elites.”

The governor today also referenced a plan not yet introduced in the Legislature, which would give the state government power to permit these types of new-energy projects without the approval of local officials. 

“There is a very clear line that Whitmer wants to draw,” Posthumus said. “And that line runs directly from her to every meaningful decision in this state. By shutting out locally elected officials she will further consolidate power to herself and further neuter the ability of our communities to defend themselves against this or other government mandates down the road. We should work with people, not around them. I will be working hard to make sure the governor gets that message loud and clear.”

Rep. Posthumus and his office can be reached at (517) 373-0830 or [email protected].

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