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Rep. Bryan Posthumus demands action from House Democrats who refuse to denounce Hamas attack: ‘They can’t hide from this’
RELEASE|October 17, 2023

It has now been over a week since the terrorist group known as Hamas brutally killed over 1,400 Israeli men, women, children, and infants. Over that time, many Americans have denounced the violence and terrorism that struck a long-time ally, including local state and national governments across the world.  But the State of Michigan has been silent.

According to State Representative and Republican Floor Leader Bryan Posthumus, that is no accident.

House Resolution 146, which condemns the violent attacks, call for the hostages to be released, and supports the nation of Israel’s right to defend itself. However, rather than being voted for or against on the floor, the Democratic majority shuffled it off onto the House Government Operations Committee.

“That committee has three purposes,” Posthumus said. “Purpose number one is for actual functions of the government. Purpose number two is to fast-track legislation, and purpose number three is to kill legislation. It’s not going to be fast tracked I promise you that. So, my assumption is the intention of Democrat leadership was to send it there to die. We don’t intend to let that stand.”

Finally, during Thursday’s House session, Rep. Schuette brought forth a motion to discharge his resolution from the committee for an immediate vote. His request was denied and instead the House was hastily adjourned while Posthumus shouted in objection. Now, as a new week of session begins, Posthumus says the issue is far from settled.

“They can’t hide from this,” Posthumus said. “I fully understand the complexity of the region. But, there is nothing complicated about condemning terrorism. Evil is not complicated. It’s easy to recognize and easy to speak out against. Every day that goes by without an official statement against Hamas from us is an embarrassment to this body and an insult to the victims — many of whom were not even old enough to walk. We will press this issue every single day until a resolution is approved and we can once again say truthfully that the Michigan House stands for justice.”

Rep. Posthumus and his office can be reached at (517) 373-0830 or [email protected].

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