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Rep. Bill G. Schuette: State of the State Doesn’t Reflect Governor’s Failing Grade
RELEASE|January 25, 2024

Representative Bill G. Schuette (R-Midland) issued the following statement tonight following Governor Whitmer’s State of the State address at the state Capitol:

“Tonight, we heard Governor Whitmer inject pop culture references into real political problems without proposing actual solutions. But the governor cannot hide from her real report card of a Michigan with stagnant growth that is more expensive for families and features more red tape for small businesses.

“The governor’s soundbites stand in sharp contrast to the way she has governed our state. Her energy policies will levy new costs on small businesses and leave our seniors out in the cold. Instead of expensive band-aids and billion-dollar giveaways to Chinese companies, we should be building a business environment that works for all Michiganders.

“In her address, the governor highlighted the Detroit Lions being one win away from their first Super Bowl appearance. I am a Lions fan like Governor Whitmer, but she should take a page out of the team’s playbook – be accountable and go watch her own game tape. She hasn’t fixed the roads. She has increased costs for Michigan families and has focused only on bitter partisan debates the last two years.

“The State of Michigan and the Lions have a great culture of grit. Unfortunately, the coach who is supposed to lead our state government, the governor, is not willing to own up to mistakes and embrace the work necessary to get our state back on track.

“If the governor really wants to work on bipartisan solutions, I would love to talk to her about my Family Affordability legislation. These plans would expand the child tax credit, create a childcare saving account program, and exempt baby and toddler items from the state sales tax.

“We need to focus on a practical, winning formula in Michigan – not more expensive, big government initiatives.”

Schuette’s Family Affordability Legislation is contained within House Bills 5264, 5265, 5266, 5267 and 5268.

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