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More unnecessary illegal immigrant crime strikes in Michigan
RELEASE|April 6, 2024
Contact: Matt Hall

House Republican Leader Matt Hall is demanding answers after yet another illegal immigrant was arrested for a heinous crime in Michigan, breaking into a home to sexually assault two young children. This latest development is part of a larger wave that shows no signs of stopping. Local officials who promote sanctuary policies and the Whitmer administration are aware of gaps in their policies that are making this crisis worse but have so far refused to address them.

At the state level, Whitmer’s Newcomer Rental Subsidy program offers rent assistance to immigrants and allows illegal immigrants who have been caught by law enforcement and then claimed asylum to apply and take part. At the local level, Kent County officials continue to defend pro-criminal procedures that Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) call sanctuary policies even after the gruesome murder of a young woman in Grand Rapids by an illegal immigrant.

“Every day brings another wave of terrible news in Michigan as the border crisis continues to grow out of control,” said Hall, of Richland Township. “When is enough finally enough? Unchecked waves of criminals are flooding across our open border, and our state is doing nothing to stop it. In some cases, Gretchen Whitmer and her allies are going out of their way to make it worse. This is offensive to Michigan residents, and it is dangerous for our families.”

Hall sponsored a plan nine months ago to fix this, but it is currently stuck in committee in the Democrat-dominated Legislature. Hall’s plan would ban sanctuary zones and require local officials to work with federal law enforcement instead of ignoring them and getting in the way of their work.

Things are different on the other side of the aisle. More than half of the House Democrat caucus co-sponsored bills to give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants and make Michigan a welcoming place for those on the run from federal law enforcement. Gretchen Whitmer’s Office of Global Michigan (LEO) also went dark and has refused to answer questions about the gaps in the rental subsidy program after initially promising answers nearly a week ago.

“Too many politicians go to Lansing and fall completely out of touch with their community,” Hall continued. “I’m not sure a lot of these people realize just how many people are being hurt and how unsafe the people we represent feel every day. That’s why it is so frustrating to see Gretchen Whitmer and Lansing Democrats bending over backward to encourage this type of crime and run interference for these murderers and child molesters. Why aren’t they thinking of the victims?”

The illegal immigrant crime wave is piling up fast. In addition to the new heinous crime in southwest Michigan, there have been two brutal killings in Kent County in the past year and one other illegal immigrant charged recently in Shiawassee County for soliciting sex with a minor. International organized crime rings are also targeting homes in southeast Michigan for break-ins and robberies.

More information on Leader Hall’s legislation to stop cities and counties from inviting illegal immigrants to Michigan with safe havens can be found here.

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