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Meerman calls on Legislature to fund safety measures for all students equitably
RELEASE|April 23, 2024
Contact: Luke Meerman

State Rep. Luke Meerman, who chaired the House School Safety Task Force last term, issued the following statement after the Senate Appropriations Committee neglected to include certain school safety and mental health funding for non-public schools in the new state budget proposal:

“Every child deserves a safe learning environment regardless of the type of school they attend. Ensuring safety in all educational settings protects the well-being of students, teachers and staff members. By investing in school safety measures universally, our state would demonstrate a commitment to the wellbeing of all children, which is our collective responsibility. It is unfair and unethical to offer security measures to some students but not others.

“I am very disappointed by the Senate’s decision and I am hopeful that House Appropriations Committee members will step up and do the right thing and fund school safety universally in Michigan.”


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