Wendzel testifies in support of commercial fishing legislation

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State Rep. Pauline Wendzel testified before the House Committee on Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Tuesday on her plan to reform commercial fishing regulations in Michigan.

“Michigan has some of the most precious natural resources in the world, and it’s important that we have modern regulations in place to protect them,” Wendzel said. This legislation that protects our sport fish will ensure that people continue coming into our state to spend tourism dollars that support our local communities.”

Wendzel’s legislation establishes a new statue that protects game fish, regulates gear used by commercial fishers and establishes penalties which will protect sport fisheries.  The statutes currently in place are antiquated and fail to establish best practices when it comes to harvesting fish in the Great Lakes.

Representatives of the Department of Natural Resources and the Michigan Salmon and Steelheaders Association joined Rep. Wendzel to testify in support of the bill.