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Rep. VanSingel issues statement following ‘no’ vote on income tax

State Rep. Scott VanSingel, of Grant, voted no on the income tax rollback legislation early this morning. Rep. VanSingel issued the following statement: “As a strong fiscal conservative, I understand the importance of lowering taxes for hard-working Michigan families, however, I voted against this tax repeal because it would have created a tremendous budget shortfall….

Rep. Inman explains ‘no’ vote on income tax

State Rep. Larry C. Inman, of Traverse City, issued the following statement after a 12-hour session regarding his ‘no’ vote on the income tax bill that was defeated on the House floor this morning at 2:30 a.m.: “House Bill 4001 has a significant negative fiscal impact to Michigan’s budget and I believe that it is…

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Rep. Roberts issues statement on income tax vote

Rep. Brett Roberts offered the following statement: “Last night, my colleagues and I voted on a plan that would have slightly reduced Michigan’s income tax. I wasn’t able to support that plan for a number of different reasons. “Just more than a year ago, the Michigan Legislature asked residents for money to fix potholes, roads,…

Representative García hosts Holland student as ‘Representative for a Day’

Katriya Murphy spent her summer dedicated to reading, earning a trip to the state Capitol and serving as a “Representative for a Day” with state Representative Daniela R. García today. Murphy, a homeschool student from Holland, read an impressive 310 books to earn the honor while participating in Representative García’s Summer Reading Contest in 2016….

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Real Solutions; Real Results

House Republicans this fall continued to make progress on their Action Plan for the 2015-16 legislative session. At the beginning of session, GOP lawmakers created an online list of policy proposals to help make state government more efficient, effective and accountable. The 2015-16 House Republican Action Plan includes a record 78 specific goals to move…