Senate Dems block snow day solution, leave local schools out in the cold

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State Rep. Pamela Hornberger, of Chesterfield Township, released the following statement today after Senate Democrats refused to grant immediate support for a measure that would allow school districts to count a day as a pupil instruction day in the event of a closure during a governor-declared state of emergency:

“Senate Democrats have sided with unions and special interest groups rather than choosing to do what’s best for our kids. I’m incredibly disappointed in the blatant disregard for students that happened today.

“As a former educator, I am shocked that anyone could in good conscience deny immediately applying this measure to make sure schools would not face additional costs and additional days of instruction this summer. Because of this irresponsible action, some schools will be forced to hold class well into June and possibly into July.

“Many school districts have construction projects that need to be started at the beginning of the summer in order to be completed before school starts next fall. District officials came to us begging for this solution that simply is not going to happen now.”