Qualifications: The nominee exhibits an exceptional commitment to the people of
Muskegon county and to advancing the quality of life here by volunteering at the grass-roots level for a local non-profit entity (or entities), while demonstrating these qualities:

Sacrificial service to the non-profit organization(s)
Favorable relationships with other volunteers
Willingness to promote the non-profit organization he or she serves
Practices integrity, is an excellent role model and has a good reputation

Winners will be honored by Representative VanWoerkom at the state Capitol.


Nominated By:

Provide the following information about the nominee:

Describe in detail the nominee’s history of service at the local non-profit organization(s) where he or she volunteers.

Describe the impact the nominee has had on the community through volunteer service, including the sectors of the population for whom he or she has provided benefit.

Briefly describe evidence of the following qualities in the nominee’s life:

Describe how the nominee promotes the organization he or she serves to others.


Eligibility: Nominee must live and volunteer in Muskegon county.