Rep. Phil Green, R-Millington; audio on 2020 budget

Rep. Green says he has been hearing from his neighbors in the last couple of weeks about how the Governor’s line-item vetoes in the state’s 2020 budget are hurting people, ranging from individuals needing health care to families with an autistic child.  

Rep. Phil Green, R-Millington; audio on future of the Caro Center

Rep. Green talks about how the budget signed into law this week will help build a new 100-bed facility at the Caro Center while demolishing some existing structures.  He says a secure future for the Caro Center is the result of the hard work of area residents.  

Rep. Phil Green, R-Millington; audio on challenges facing Michigan agriculture

Rep. Green talks about today’s joint meeting of the House and Senate Agriculture Committees at Michigan State University and some of the many challenges facing Michigan ag this year.  Rep. Green says that while he serves on the House Appropriations Committee and not on the House Ag Committee, agriculture issues are a chief concern in…