Rep. Yaroch: Government did not shut down, but Governor rejects funding for public safety, roads, clean water, and our most vulnerable citizens

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Rep. Yaroch today said he is disappointed by Gov. Whitmer’s decision to veto parts of the Legislature’s budget for additional funding for public safety, roads, clean water, and our most vulnerable citizens.

“I am proud to say that Lansing passed a budget without shutting down the government, but it is disappointing that our governor cut funding for important issues that affect real people,” said Yaroch, of Richmond.

The budget plan approved by the Legislature included significant funding increases for road repairs and K-12 classrooms, without a tax increase. Late Monday, the governor issued 147 line-item vetoes to key programs in the Legislature’s plan. Our Governor’s cuts included:

  • $375 million for much-needed road and bridge repairs
  • $15 million in grants for monitoring PFAS at municipal airports
  • $1.5 million in autism funding, including funding for a Navigator program that helps connect families affected by autism to the services they need
  • $128 million for school funding
  • $150 million for local health care
  • $16 million for children’s health care
  • $800,000 for runaway children
  • $30 million for local police
  • $10 million for school safety grants
  • $4 million for veterans’ benefits

“The debate over roads and education will continue, but it was just plain wrong to hurt people outside of this debate,” Yaroch said. “The people should always come first!”