Rep. Whiteford: The governor continues to ignore the voice of the people

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State Rep. Mary Whiteford, of Casco Township, issued the following statement regarding the lawsuit filed against the governor to restore representative democracy in Michigan:

“As a registered nurse, I understand the gravity of the current health crisis. By filing a lawsuit against the governor’s recent actions, the Legislature is not claiming the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Instead, the goal is to restore the tried and true process of shared governance between the legislative and executive branches of government – a partnership the governor has rejected.

“This system of checks and balances exists to ensure that Michiganders have a voice through their local representative. By refusing to continue to partner with the Legislature, the Governor is telling the people of Michigan they have no voice.

“The best way to control the spread of the virus and work toward getting more Michiganders back to work safely is for the Legislature and the Governor to work together. It is unfortunate that a lawsuit is necessary to ensure the people of Michigan are represented. However, I represent the people of Allegan County, and I will fight to ensure they have the voice our constitution gives them the right to use.”