Rep. Wendzel on State of the State: Firm plan on roads will drive Michigan’s success

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State Representative Pauline Wendzel said that Michiganders deserve a firm plan to fix our state’s roadways and to bring down the astronomical cost of car insurance rates.

“For far too long, our highways, roads, and bridges have been neglected,” Wendzel said.  “Our roads lay the groundwork for a vibrant economy, and delaying the necessary work to bring our infrastructure up to par makes conditions worse and raises costs. After an entire campaign season full of rhetoric about ‘fixing the damn roads,’ it’s time for action.

Rep. Wendzel also noted the need to overhaul our state’s car insurance system.

“It’s unacceptable that the citizens of Michigan – the automotive capital of the world – pay twice as much for car insurance as our neighboring states.  For years, special interest groups have stood in the way of meaningful reform. It’s time to work together and solve this problem once and for all. I look forward to delivering a solution that reduces rates for all Michiganders.”

Rep. Wenzel also spoke about our state’s historic comeback after the lost decade.

“Michigan’s economy has made incredible progress over the last eight years.  More than 500,000 private sector jobs have been created under Gov. Snyder and the Republican-led legislature.  However, there is still more work that needs to be done to continue our comeback.  Now is not the time to change course because what we have been doing is working.”