Rep. Sheppard asks governor to help real estate industry continue basic operations

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Limited in-person meetings should be allowed with safety measures

State Rep. Jason Sheppard of Temperance today asked the governor to consider allowing real estate professionals to hold in-person meetings in limited circumstances when they are necessary to conduct business.

“There are hundreds of real estate transactions pending and new listings coming on the market daily. While your administration has allowed some deals to close, the current situation we are in has put homeowners and businesses into further distress,” Sheppard wrote to the governor. “Just to be clear, with technology, the real estate industry has opportunities to conduct a large portion of their functions virtually or digitally; however, some in-person meetings are still needed. Real estate agents should be able to conduct, in a limited manner, these in-person meetings, while taking into consideration the safety of our community.”

Sheppard noted neighboring states like Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin all allow for some basic in-person real estate functions to continue. The federal government also recognizes real estate as being critical to the operations of the country in the recent Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Administration guidelines, which Sheppard and many others have urged the governor to adopt.

“Real estate agents are hard-working and compassionate people who are capable of taking the precautions necessary to protect the health and safety of their clients,” Sheppard said. “I’m not asking the governor to allow business as usual – but it’s reasonable to lift some restrictions and allow agents to conduct in-person activities in circumstances when they are absolutely needed.”