Rep. Reilly plan expanding parameters for foster homes approved in House vote

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Larger licensed facilities will be able to help more children in need

The Michigan House on Tuesday voted to advance legislation sponsored by state Rep. John Reilly, of Oakland Township, increasing abilities for larger-scale foster homes to provide caring environments for Michigan children.

House Bill 4095 allows state licensed residential youth foster care facilities to house up to 10 children if the facility is located on property spanning 20 or more acres. Under current law, a state licensed residential facility is a structure that services six or fewer individuals.

“We’ve had families and facilities wishing to open their doors to more children in need and we shouldn’t have laws limiting such an act of graciousness,” said Reilly. “Foster homes provide a stable, nurturing environment for children under the watch of an adult figure and this is a needed update in law to allow larger facilities on larger, accommodating properties the ability to take in more kids.”

Facilities wishing to house additional foster children on larger properties must be licensed under the Child Care Licensing Act to ensure acceptable upkeep and care standards.

Rep. Reilly thanked his House colleague, Local Government and Municipal Finance Committee chair Jim Lower, for supporting the legislation and guiding it through two separate House committees before reaching the floor.

HB 4095 now moves to the Senate for review.