Rep. Markkanen’s plan helps county road commission facilities

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Measure helps fix Michigan’s infrastructure  

State Rep. Greg Markkanen recently introduced a plan to give county road commissions additional flexibility to improve their facilities and help fix Michigan roads.

Under current Michigan law, county road commissions have only up to 15 years to make payments when purchasing property for public use. Markkanen’s plan would double that timeframe, allowing road commissions up to 30 years to complete purchases.

The change would assist county road commission finances as they work to improve Michigan’s roads.

The reform was brought forward to Rep. Markkanen by Keweenaw County residents.

“Giving county road commissions much-needed financial flexibility when upgrading their facilities or buying equipment will help the effort to fix Michigan’s roads,” said Markkanen, of Hancock. “We should not needlessly place restrictions on county road commissions that cramp their budgets.  This plan helps eliminates financial roadblocks and will lead to better roads for Michigan drivers.”

House Bill 4120 has been referred to the House Transportation Committee.