Rep. Markkanen supports record-high investment as kids head back to school

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State Rep. Greg Markkanen said today he continues to fight to increase the record amount of state funding for K-12 education.

Under the House-approved proposal, every school district in the state would receive an additional $90 to $180 per student for a total foundation allowance of $8,056 to $8,529 per student in the state budget year beginning Oct. 1.

“As a former teacher, I know the importance of a responsible and effective budget plan for our schools,” said Markkanen, of Hancock. “We continue to work to reach that goal. No matter what, school funding will increase in the next state budget, all parties involved agree on that. I’m confident we will reach a good solution for our schools as negotiations continue with the Senate and governor.”

The House budget also prioritizes:

  • Funding for career technical education, with total investment topping $78 million;
  • Early child literacy, with a $2.1 million increase to fund additional literacy coaches and $19.9 million to increase instructional time for those not reading at grade level;
  • An additional $1 million for isolated school district funding to allow for a wider distribution of funds to rural districts.

“This plan ensures we continue to provide a quality education for kids in every corner of our state and will help put our students on the path toward successful futures,” Markkanen said. “Children are the most valuable resource we have, and I will continue to fight on their behalf as long as I’m in office.”