Rep. Markkanen: Governor’s vaping ban lacks transparency

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State Rep. Greg Markkanen today expressed disappointment in the governor’s decision to circumvent the democratic process and issue an emergency order banning the sale of all flavored e-cigarette products in Michigan.

Markkanen, of Hancock, said Gov. Whitmer issued the ban through an emergency order, without any input from the Legislature or the public.

“We can all agree that vaping products must be kept out of the hands of children. That’s why I voted earlier this year to support legislation banning the sale and possession of all vaping products to minors,” Markkanen said. “This time around, the governor decided to forgo the traditional legislative process and instead make the decision on her own – without holding any committee meetings or public testimony. People deserve a chance to have their voices heard.”

Through a declaration of emergency, the governor is permitted to create rules that bypass a public hearing by the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Administrative Rules. On Wednesday, Whitmer ordered the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to issue emergency rules banning the sale of flavored nicotine vaping products in retail stores and online – making Michigan the first state to issue a sales ban on such products for people of all ages.

Although DHHS has yet to file the vaping ban rule, when authorized the ban will be effective immediately and last for six months. Michigan businesses will be given a 30-day window to comply.
Markkanen said dozens of local businesses that sell flavored vaping products and will be impacted by the ban.

“I’m not pleased with the way the governor handled this issue,” Markkanen said. “She should have provided residents and business owners with ample opportunities to have their opinions and concerns heard in a transparent and open democratic process.”