Rep. Lower issues statement after governor announces revised environmental order

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State Rep. James Lower, of Cedar Lake, today issued the following statement following Gov. Whitmer’s decision to revise a previous plan that was rejected by the Legislature and issue another executive order reorganizing the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality:

“I’m glad Gov. Whitmer finally realized she needed to come to the table and work with us on this issue. The Legislature has led the way on reforms to safeguard the health and safety of Michigan families by protecting the environment and improving access to safe, clean drinking water.

“The original executive order went too far. We made our concerns clear and Gov. Whitmer initially was unwilling to work with us to correct her mistake. She gave us no choice but to reject it. Now that all parties are at the table, including those affected by environmental regulations, I’m confident we can find a lot of common ground. It’s time to work together on policies that improve drinking water safety and protect our natural resources for all Michigan families.”