Rep. LaFave urges Attorney General to stop defending Michigan’s car insurance rates

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State Rep. Beau LaFave of Iron Mountain, who has been a strong advocate for reforming Michigan’s no-fault car insurance system, today issued the following statement on the latest updates regarding the federal lawsuit brought by Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan:

“For the more than seven million hard-working Michigan drivers paying the highest car insurances rates in the nation, the news out of a U.S. District Court is yet another reminder of how dire of a situation Michigan’s no-fault car insurance system is in. U.S. District Judge George C. Steeh held a first hearing on a lawsuit filed by Detroit Mayor Duggan challenging the constitutionality of our state’s no-fault law, calling the law what it really is – ‘shameful.’ What’s also shameful is the fact Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is seeking to have the lawsuit thrown out of court, even though the very people she claims to represent would save thousands of dollars a year. I find it disgraceful there are elected officials standing in the way of reform and defending our failed, corrupt car insurance system when reform would solve one of the biggest financial hardships facing Michigan families. The status quo is unjustifiable, indefensible and unconstitutional. It couldn’t be clearer the time for change is now. This isn’t a partisan or political debate. The people of Michigan want – and deserve – a solution. I have led an uphill battle over the past three years to lower skyrocketing car insurance premiums burdening Michigan families, only to have powerful special interests block any progress. It’s my firm belief that if a court rules our state’s no-fault law unconstitutional, it will force all elected officials to join me in taking the most pressing issue facing our state seriously. I call on our Attorney General to immediately stop defending the current no-fault system.”