Rep. Kahle on State of the State: Focus on car insurance, roads, schools and the vulnerable

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State Rep. Bronna Kahle of Adrian tonight issued the following statement after the governor’s State of the State address:

“Government needs to be transparent and accountable to the people it serves. I am committed to listening and making life better for our families, friends and neighbors here in Lenawee County and across Michigan. That’s why we must work together to solve problems and get things done for everyone. We are setting clear priorities to reduce the cost of car insurance, invest in our classrooms and roads, ensure clean drinking water, and lift up our most vulnerable residents, so we all can share in our state’s success and look to an even brighter future.

“Michigan drivers pay the highest car insurance rates in the nation. It’s time to make changes that will help you and your family save money while also ensuring accident victims are covered.

“We are investing more in K-12 education than ever before in our state’s history. This is money going directly into Lenawee County classrooms, helping put children on the best possible path for success in a career and in life.

“We are investing more than ever in Michigan’s roads. It’s important that we continue this effort because it increases safety on our streets and highways, improves quality of life in our communities, and attracts economic development and jobs. We need and deserve roads and bridges that are efficient, effective, and accountable to the people who pay for them.

“We also must ensure clean water is available for the health and safety of residents in all communities. I am dedicated to protecting our families and friends from PFAS and other contaminants, and those efforts must continue and evolve.

“Michigan must also do more to protect the vulnerable. I am leading efforts to provide senior citizens with the care and resources they need, including critical in-home services such as Meals on Wheels. We are also finding solutions to help human trafficking victims rebuild their lives, and lift up those suffering from mental illness or addiction.”