Rep. Kahle pens letter to DEQ director on Adrian’s water quality

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March 14, 2019


Director Liesl Clark

Constitution Hall
P.O. Box 30473
Lansing, MI  48909


Dear Director Clark,

I write to strongly urge the Department of Environmental Quality to continue your diligent efforts to investigate and help resolve the water quality issues currently affecting the drinking water of City of Adrian residents.  I thank you for your Department’s important work on this matter and support your continued efforts—not only to ensure the safety of residents’ drinking water, but to assist the City in finding a long-term solution.

Your department officials, along with local leaders and experts, have stood on the frontlines of this situation from the beginning, and I hope that you will continue your efforts until the matter is resolved.

City of Adrian residents have suffered with poor water quality for many months and eagerly await the City’s continued testing results and recommendations for long term solutions. As a neighbor and our state representative, it is clear to me that the work is far from done. This situation has required effective and efficient coordination across all levels of government. It is crucial, during this time of transition from one administration to another, that our focus is not lost.

I look forward to working with you, alongside our community partners, to resolve this issue and improve the quality of life for all Adrian residents. This is an issue that has not only invaded our homes, but has the potential to impair our local economy.  I encourage your department to continue to monitor the situation closely.



Bronna Kahle

State Representative

57th District