Rep. Kahle: Michigan’s state of emergency should be extended, but the governor’s request for 70 more days is simply too long

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Rep. Bronna Kahle of Adrian today said she supports a practical and common-sense approach to how long the governor’s emergency powers should be extended, rather than the 70-day extension requested by Gov. Whitmer.

Kahle and the Michigan Legislature this week are expected to consider a concurrent resolution to continue the state of emergency and the governor’s emergency powers until May 1 – a period that could later be extended if circumstances dictate it, Kahle said. Gov. Whitmer’s initial request would extend the state of emergency until mid-June.

“My heart breaks for the families who have lost loved ones to COVID-19,” Kahle said. “I’m worried for the hundreds of thousands of Michigan residents who have lost their jobs and are burning through their savings because they can’t get the help they need. I’m worried about the small business owners who don’t know if their life’s work will survive this crisis.

“Circumstances surrounding COVID-19 are changing rapidly and we simply do not know how long this pandemic will last. That’s why the prudent thing to do is extend the governor’s state of emergency until May 1 and re-evaluate at that point.”

Kahle said it is important for the Legislature to be a partner in guiding Michigan through this crisis.

“The health of Lenawee residents is my top concern. We must continue doing everything we can to lessen the spread of this virus and keep people healthy,” Kahle said. “We also must stay optimistic and realistic while working together to get through this difficult time as quickly as possible.”