Rep. Kahle: Michigan taxpayers shouldn’t be penalized for installing solar panels

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State Rep. Bronna Kahle has introduced a proposal ensuring Michigan residents aren’t punished with higher taxes for installing solar panels or other clean energy systems on their property.

Kahle’s proposal would provide more consistent property taxation rules across the state while complementing Michigan’s goal of increasing the use of renewable energy sources.

“Property owners who install solar panels should not be penalized with higher taxes,” said Kahle, of Adrian. “It isn’t right, and it isn’t consistent with other policies. A homeowner does not get slapped with a higher property tax for replacing a furnace, installing a generator or buying a more energy efficient hot water heater. They shouldn’t be punished for installing solar panels, either.”

Kahle’s proposal exempts small-scale usage of solar panels and other clean energy systems from property taxes on individual homes and small businesses. The plan ensures property owners are treated the same across the state rather than relying on varying, inconsistent local interpretations which sometimes have resulted in solar panel installation raising property taxes.

Kahle’s plan is also consistent with state laws calling for electricity providers to use more clean and renewable sources to generate power.




The legislation: House Bills 4068-69.