Rep. Johnson: Governor ‘hasn’t learned much’ on transportation-related issues

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Lawmaker responds to latest policy push regarding illegal immigrants

State Rep. Steven Johnson, of Wayland, today voiced his opposition to the governor’s latest radical policy push to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

Johnson said the governor’s new reckless stance on the issue is wrong for Michigan and not the only transportation idea she’s brought to the table that’s troubling.

“This should raise the eyebrows of every Michigander,” Johnson said. “It seems the governor hasn’t learned much since rolling out her 45-cent gas tax hike that 75 percent of residents oppose. I’m not usually one to take bets, but I’d be interested to see if she could get more support from hard-working taxpayers on this fiasco.”

Johnson said the scheme to grant state-issued driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants could increase voter fraud while forcing our state’s legal citizens to foot the bill.

“The integrity of our elections system is paramount, and this stance flip by the governor does nothing to weed out voter fraud,” Johnson said. “All this initiative would do in the end is hurt the very people the governor’s platform depends heavily on – taxpayers.”

Johnson added he believes the governor and her friends have lost touch with the people of Michigan by putting illegal immigrants first.

“We should not be rewarding those who do not follow our nation’s laws at the expense of law-abiding taxpayers,” Johnson said. “The people of Michigan are watching closely, and they will not tolerate this radical idea that puts them last. I look forward to putting the brakes on this idea before it gathers steam.”