Rep. Joe Bellino responds to governor’s budget vetoes

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Rep. Joe Bellino of Monroe issued the following statement today in response to Gov. Whitmer’s budget vetoes:

“The governor showed her true colors with her budget vetoes – she’s saying ‘give me a 45-cent per gallon tax increase, or don’t give me anything at all.’ She wants the tax hike so badly, she’s rejecting $375 million for roads and bridges the Legislature approved without tax increases. She’s delaying road construction projects with this veto — and that’s going to hurt drivers and taxpayers.

“We sent the governor a responsible budget with more money for schools than ever before, and she’s cutting that by a reported $128 million. She’s going to hurt students and their families for her own priorities.

“I’m not sure what the governor is trying to accomplish here. For my part, I believe my goals are clear. I will continue to fight for what’s best for southeast Michigan taxpayers and families, and I know that does not include her gas tax hike.”