Rep. Huizenga’s plan to protect school funding signed into law

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State Rep. Mark Huizenga announced today that his plan to restore lost school aid funding has been signed into law. Huizenga’s measure, part of a bipartisan pair of bills, ensures revenue lost from data center use tax exemptions is replaced.

“When the original plan was established back in 2015 to exempt co-located data centers from sales and use tax, the intention was to hold schools harmless from the lost revenue,” Huizenga, of Walker, said. “That’s the key word here – intention. Since this language was never official, the payments to the school aid fund were not made. My plan will ensure these funds are replaced.”

Huizenga said he is glad to have worked with State Rep. Rebekah Warren on this plan and is pleased to know Michigan’s schools and students will no longer suffer because of these tax exemptions.

“Our schools should never miss out on revenue they otherwise should have received,” Huizenga said. “With this plan officialized, our schools will now have funding restored. We can be sure as we move forward they are not negatively impacted by these data center exemptions.”

House Bills 5187-5188 were signed Thursday by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and are now Public Acts 29 and 30 of 2020.