Rep. Hernandez joins Michigan Legislature to extend COVID-19 state of emergency through April 30; says more answers are needed

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Rep. Shane Hernandez of Port Huron today joined his colleagues to reject Gov. Whitmer’s attempts to hold on to emergency powers through mid-June, instead extending Michigan’s COVID-19 state of emergency through April 30. Hernandez noted the Legislature’s extension date coincides with President Trump’s date for maintaining social distancing guidelines nationwide.

“The people of Michigan deserve more answers about how the governor is handling this severe health and economic crisis,” said Hernandez, who chairs the House Appropriations Committee. “When will the state’s failing unemployment filing system be fixed? People need these resources to care for their families. When will businesses that could operate safely and maintain social distancing guidelines be allowed to reopen? What is the governor’s plan to return the state to normalcy when Michigan emerges from the pandemic? We need clarity on these and other issues before deciding next steps.”

Hernandez also called on the governor to provide more details about the data she is using to make decisions about emergency orders.