Rep. Hall hosts roads town hall

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State Rep. Matt Hall (R – Marshall) hosted a town hall meeting on Tuesday to discuss road funding in Michigan. Joining him was special guest Rep. Jack O’Malley (R – Lake Ann), chair of the House Transportation Committee.

“Holding this event gave me the opportunity to hear directly from the people I represent and take their ideas to Lansing,” Hall said. “It was encouraging to see so many people attend and join the conversation on fixing our roads.”

“My takeaway from this town hall is that there is desire for real reform when fixing Michigan’s crumbling roads,” Hall added. “We cannot simply throw more money at the problem with a one size fits all approach. The less we mandate at the state level and allow flexibility in local communities the better we are moving forward.”

Rep. O’Malley is traveling to different regions of the state discussing road funding directly with local residents. “My goal is to make sure the House Transportation Committee is asking the questions you, the citizens of Michigan, want answered,” Rep. O’Malley said. “I appreciated Rep. Hall’s invitation, as it allowed me to share some of our findings with the residents of Calhoun and Kalamazoo Counties.”

The town hall took place on Tuesday, July 9 at Victory Life Church in Emmett Township. Rep. Hall and Rep. O’Malley provided an update on current road funding discussions, a brief summary on the history of road funding in Michigan and thoughts on potential options to improve the quality of our infrastructure around the state.

Following the town hall, Rep. Hall and Rep. O’Malley gave an update to the Marshall Rotary Club during their weekly meeting.

For more information on items highlighted during the event and to stay up to date on road funding discussions, contact Rep. Hall’s office by calling (517) 373-1787 or by email at