Rep. Farrington continuing to fight for critical state funding

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House approves new supplemental budget plan

State Rep. Diana Farrington, of Utica, today voted to restore key funding vetoed by the governor two months ago, protecting Michigan workers, children and families.

The governor originally issued a total of 147 line-item vetoes within a budget proposal previously approved by the Legislature before the Oct. 1 constitutional deadline.

Wednesday’s votes provide a significant step toward getting much of the vetoed funding back in place. Farrington said she is looking forward to the governor eventually reviewing the plans and finally coming together with the Legislature to end the impasse.

“Time has passed since the original budget was vetoed and we feel that we have sent on a good plan that is going to look out for Michigan’s schoolchildren and most vulnerable citizens,” Farrington said. “Careful consideration and negotiations have gone into this new plan so we can set our state up for success both now and into the future.”

The budget proposals include $1 million for the Autism Navigator program, helping connect families with needed services. An additional $350,000 will be restored for a new autism intervention program to help infants and toddlers with developmental delays.

The restored funding also extends to schools and seniors, including grant money for 17,000 independent college students, $10 million for school safety grants and $400,000 to assist Michigan’s Alzheimer and dementia community.

The plans now advance to the Senate for consideration.