Rep. Crawford response to Superintendent of Novi Community Schools

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State Rep. Kathy Crawford issued the following response after Steve Matthews, Superintendent of Novi Community Schools, sent a mass communication to parents saying lawmakers were unwilling to agree that school closure days should be forgiven:

“Mr. Matthews’ statement misleading. I am actively advocating for an equitable solution for schools and students to avoid the need for make-up days in the summer.

“As a parent, I know the struggles that make-up days can impose on families. I have always advocated on behalf of parents when similar issues have come up in the past. Last year, when schools across Michigan were forced to take several snow days during a state of emergency brought on by extreme weather, I voted to excuse the days.

“During this time of uncertainty, I am disappointed that rather than rallying together to find solutions for our community, Mr. Mathews chose to create more uncertainty and anxiety.

“I assure students, parents and teachers that I will continue, as I always have, to represent their best interests in Lansing.”