Rep. Cole’s conservation efforts signed into law

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Two proposals led by state Rep. Triston Cole to increase conservation efforts in Michigan were signed into law by the governor.

Cole said he hopes the new laws will allow more Michigan families to appreciate the state’s natural resources and learn good environmental stewardship skills.

One of the two proposals signed into law is expansion of the state’s Mentored Youth Hunt.

“This plan enhances the Mentored Youth Hunt program’s effort to give more of Michigan’s young people the opportunity to learn about our state’s natural resources and how to use them responsibly,” Cole, of Mancelona, said. “Expanding the mentored youth hunt to include public land will allow more parents and grandparents to pass their love of the outdoors to the next generation. I am pleased to see this proposal become law.”

The proposal is now PA 399 of 2018.

Also signed into law was a proposal from local resident who posted on Facebook his idea to enhance the state’s conservation efforts and make it easier for small charter fishing businesses to operate.

“This simple solution gives Michigan’s small fishing and tourism businesses the freedom to thrive, while protecting our waterways,” said Cole, who sponsored the plan in the Legislature.

Cole added that he believes the plan will also lead to the sale of more fishing licenses, the proceeds of which fund programs that care for the health of Michigan’s forests, lakes and rivers.

This solution removes the commercial licensing requirements for minnows and other regulated bait used on charter fishing boats, as long as the bait in question was initially purchased from a licensed dealer and the purchaser keeps a copy of the receipt. The proposal is now PA 518 of 2018.

“It is my honor to work to conserve Michigan’s precious resources and share the opportunity to learn good stewardship practices with as many Michiganders as possible,” Cole said. “I look forward to continue this important work in the upcoming term.”