Rep. Cole issues statement on budget negotiations

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Michigan House Majority Leader Triston Cole released the following statement on the progress of budget negotiations:

“Gov. Whitmer has made clear she doesn’t want to spend any new money on roads in the budget, and that’s farcical. In 48 hours she swung from reaching into taxpayers’ wallets for $2.5 billion in new taxes to saying she wants $0 for road repair funding.

“First, she tried to hold the budget hostage for a 45-cent gas tax hike, now she’s trying to hold the budget hostage again, demanding no money be put toward roads at all. The time for humoring nursery room political games is over. We’re moving on with the people’s work of passing a state budget.

“Her refusal to include road repair investments in the state budget is a sham to force the Legislature to agree to her outrageous 45-cent gas tax increase. We won’t be tricked and neither will taxpayers.”