Rep. Calley supports measure to extend state of emergency until May 1

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Michiganders deserve greater transparency in the crisis

State Rep. Julie Calley today joined her colleagues in extending Michigan’s state of emergency designation related to the coronavirus pandemic until May 1.

Calley, of Portland, said she favored the plan over the 70-day extension proposed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, which would have extended her emergency powers into mid-June.

“These are uncertain times, and the information we have about this public health crisis changes every day,” Calley said. “The responsible thing to do is extend the state of emergency through the end of the month, which is aligned with federal guidance, and then re-examine with updated information.”

In the meantime, Calley believes Michiganders deserve answers. For example, why was the entire state shut down, in comparison to a regional approach? Why has the administration barred people from working, yet can’t adequately provide them with access to unemployment claims? Why not clarify the multitude of gray areas in the Critical Infrastructure Workforce list, thereby supporting workers as well as law enforcement and prosecutors? What the state’s plan is for getting Michigan back to work? Will a risk assessment model be used? If so, some businesses could open their doors sooner than others.

Beaumont, the state’s largest health system, recently published an urgent call for greater transparency. The CEO said he remains “concerned that the absence of adequate data and a state-enabled patient load-balancing system could result in additional and avoidable risks for patients.”
“This simply cannot continue,” Calley said. “We all need access to complete and timely information.”

Calley said she has heard a lot of feedback from community members, especially since the stay-at-home order has been in place.

“So many employees are unable to work and worried about paying the bills. Small business owners are struggling to stay afloat and concerned about their workers who may never get called back to their jobs,” Calley said. “People deserve well-thought-out plans that balance the emergent health risks with the rights and liberties that are guaranteed to them.”

Rep. Calley and her staff are working remotely, so they can continue to serve residents during the COVID-19 outbreak. People with questions or concerns can reach her office by calling (517) 373-0842 or emailing