Rep. Calley, House approve bipartisan solution to lower car insurance rates

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State Rep. Julie Calley today joined her colleagues in approving a bipartisan plan to significantly lower car insurance rates for drivers across the state.

The House overwhelmingly voted to approve legislation guaranteeing lower rates by giving drivers more choice on personal injury protection coverage, stopping price gouging on medical services for car accident victims, and combating fraudulent claims. The plan should soon head to the governor for her expected signature.

Calley, of Portland, said the bipartisan solution is designed to end Michigan’s long tenure as the state with the most expensive car insurance rates in the nation.

“This solution is a huge win for Michigan drivers,” Calley said. “People will finally have the freedom to select an insurance plan that meets their families’ needs without draining their budgets, and anyone who wants to continue purchasing unlimited medical coverage can do so. Regardless of the coverage option they choose, drivers will save money.”

Michigan’s costs are high largely because it’s the only state mandating unlimited lifetime health care coverage through car insurance. The bipartisan reform plan allows those currently using the coverage to keep it, and those who want it in the future to continue buying it – while providing more affordable options.